Hospital Cash Insurance

Daily hospital cash insurance is a health insurance benefit that offers a lump sum mount daily to the insured during the hospitalization for a specific period. The money can be utilized to meet the additional expenses that health insurance does not cover for compensating any loss of income during the hospitalization period.

What is Hospital Daily Cash Policy?

Our Hospital Daily Cash policy offers a fixed amount for each day that you are hospitalized. Additionally, the policy gives you access to unlimited consultation on phone with general practioners and specialists doctors who can help you in case of a condition that does not require hospitalization. You can decide the amount of daily benefit at the time of taking the policy and that would remain fixed through the tenure of the policy.

What is Covered under Daily Cash Policy

A Hospital Daily Cash policy provides a lump sum amount daily in case of hospitalization and this amount can be used per the insured’s need. The money can be used for meeting additional expenses that are not covered by health insurance, or if you don’t have another health insurance policy or for even compensating the loss of income during the period of hospitalization. Also, daily hospital cash benefit will kick in without asking for any supporting bills.

  • Cover type – Individual
  • Relationship covered – Self/Spouse
  • Age Eligibility – Min 18 yrs. max 65 yrs.
  • Policy tenure – 1 Year
  • Exit age – Adult lifelong
  • Claims payout – Daily Cash- Reimbursement/Health Service- Within Network
  • Claims servicing – In-house
  • Underwriting guidelines – Good health declaration basis
  • Wait periods
    • Initial 30 days – Yes (except for Injuries/Accident)
    • Named ailments – 12 months
    • PED – 12 months
  1. Daily Hospi Cash
    • Coverage – INR 1000/1500 per day hospitalization with maximum limit up to 30 days in a year with 4 days deductible on Per claim, Pay-out double in case of ICU hospitalization
  2. Health Service
    • Doctor on call – GP + 7 Specialist for women related condition